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How To Crack NEET UG: 25 Practical Tips To Boost Your Preparation

As a medical student pursuing MBBS myself, I’ve been in your shoes and know the amount of preparation, stress, and struggle one goes through in that phase.

In this eBook, I talk about the strategies aspirants need to follow to crack NEET with flying colours. It’s a natural and human tendency to lose motivation and inspiration from time to time. Throughout this guide, I show you how you can stay focused and consistent in the best possible manner.

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Inspiring the Future Generation of Doctors

Being a medical student is very demanding. The amount of knowledge and skills that you must acquire is endless.

It’s extremely hard to find trust-worthy sources for the information you seek.

I totally understand and get it because I’ve been there!

And that’s exactly why I decided to create medicoholic.

I want to share what I’ve learnt and observed as a medical aspirant, and as a current medical student.

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