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Aakash iTutor Review: Good For NEET 2021/2022?

aakash itutor

A lot of medical or NEET aspirants are skeptical about online coaching/e-learning and one of the most common option they go for is Aakash iTutor. Here I’ll be talking about it’s advantages, disadvantages, clearing your doubts as well as making it easier for you to decide. Let’s find out if Aakash iTutor is good for medical/NEET and whether it’s helpful for you or not.

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What is Aakash iTutor?

Aakash iTutor provides an innovative platform to blend classroom learning and self-study.

Features of Aakash iTutor?

  • Covers complete syllabus in Physics, Chemistry, Botany, and Zoology hence preparing the student for medical entrance examination NEET as well as for CBSE 11th and 12th boards.
  • Video lectures are recorded by experienced Aakash faculty.
  • Comprehensive and informative study material (printed books as well as eBooks).
  • Regular online tests which include chapter tests, mock tests, and AIATS (All India Aakash Test Series) to assess what you’ve studied and keep a track of your progress with analytical reports.
  • Available in the form of either chip learning or online learning.
  • In chip learning, you get Aakash Video Lectures, eBooks and Tests in memory chips to use on your laptop, desktop or tablet.
  • In online learning, you can access Aakash Video Lectures, eBooks & Tests online on your laptop, desktop or tablet.
  • Access the pre-recorded lectures with/without the internet, you can choose between online as well as offline mode, both are available to help you study conveniently.
  • Aakash Cloud Services through which students can receive their tests and solutions online.
  • Doubt clearing session from the “Ask an Expert” section.

Advantages of Aakash iTutor

  • All India Aakash Test Series (AIATS) help you check and analyze your ranking at a national level.
  • Provides an opportunity to learn at home. Rather than traveling to your local tuitions, you can have Aakash coaching at your home. No time and money wasted is on traveling.
  • One can study at their own pace, anytime and anywhere. Aakash iTutor enables you to learn at your own pace and ensures that your concepts are crystal clear.
  • Multi-device support, access on your desktop/laptop/smartphone.
  • Internet not mandatory.
  • Video lectures can be repeatedly watched as many times as you want, can be played or paused whenever needed. Unlike classroom coaching, you don’t have to wait for the teacher to complete the topics.
  • Video illustrations help us to grab the concepts easily. Even difficult and hard to understand topics seem very easy because of the animations.
  • After completing a video lecture you will be provided assignments to help strengthen your concepts and memory retention. It will also include practice tests with various types of questions with the help of which students can assess their progress regularly.
  • Opportunity to make good notes and jot down all important points as you can pause the video anytime, particularly helpful for students that write slow or are hesitant to ask the teacher to slow down.

Disadvantages of Aakash iTutor

  • Price is high compared to other platforms.
  • In e-learning, you will come across tons of doubts while studying which can not be cleared properly by a mere machine and this is where a teacher is necessary. Holding your doubts and queries for too long is bad when you’re studying. No information is always better than partial information.
  • Sometimes, the app or your device can come up with some technical difficulties or lag causing little inconvenience during your preparation. However, if you are facing any difficulties with the app then you can easily submit your query online to the executive on the iTutor app.
  • No support, scoldings, motivation, tips, and tricks from teachers that you get from a regular classroom course. Some teachers might teach what is already given in the Aakash modules without explaining concepts in detail.
  • The rate at which the teachers teach is very slow, it’s beneficial for you if you’re a slow learner but if you’re a quick learner, you might get bored quickly. You might find some topics way too long and tedious.
  • You will have to be very attentive and focused while the video lecture is playing because it’s not the usual classroom lecture when the teacher can make out if you’re losing interest in the topic and try to make the class more lively and interesting. That won’t happen here, unfortunately.

Fees for Aakash iTutor

Price details can be found on their website.

Is Aakash iTutor Free for Aakash students?

Aakash students who have joined the classroom coaching will get a free subscription to all the Aaakash iTutor video lectures but only up to a certain limit. Basically, there is a limitation of watch time after which the student will not be able to view the full video lecture.

Moreover, in Aakash institutes, they provide computer labs where you can access it fully with prior permission. If you happen to miss a lecture in class then it can be very useful to cover up what you’ve missed, it can give you a brief overview and highlight of the topic. Aakash iTutor can be a great aid to help such students work on their weaknesses and strengthen their concepts.

Classroom Coaching or Aakash iTutor?

If the comparison is between the classroom course and iTutor then I would suggest you go for the classroom course. Because a live face-to-face interaction is more valuable. A classroom will give you an environment to directly interact with faculties and also you will feel very challenging and will be encouraged to study with like-minded students by your side.

It’s very beneficial for students that need regular guidance of teachers in the traditional classroom environment where they can compete with their batchmates/classmates healthily. You can’t get this “classroom” type of environment on iTutor.

Medical entrance examinations like NEET require speed and accuracy, tips, and tricks to solve within seconds which you can get only from a teacher. If you are capable of understanding all the concepts by just sitting in the classroom with full concentration and listen to all the points that the teacher is teaching then nothing is better than classroom courses.

NEET is all about the competition, and I believe students will not have an exact idea about the cut-throat competition when they’re sitting and studying in their rooms comfortably. In the classroom, you will face real competition.

There’s no doubt that Aakash iTutor is a great advancement in the field of education and is definitely very innovative but my advice would be to go for a classroom course where you meet other aspirants just like you who are passionate about their goals and work very hard. Healthy competition will definitely give you some much-needed motivation.

Classroom lectures itself are boring sometimes, let alone watching the same while lazing around at the comfort of your home.

Both teaching methods are useful in their own way and for two different sets of students. Firstly, you need to analyze what kind of teaching you like. iTutor can be very beneficial to the following:

  • Many students like to study on their own as they feel self-study is more efficient than going to classes for hours and returning back home tired. So, in this case, iTutor will help you a lot to enhance your quality of preparation.
  • Students facing time or commute constraints.
  • Students looking for a budget-friendly and economical option to prepare for the medical entrance examination.

Good luck Medicoholics! Until next time.

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