13 Best Gifts for Doctors in India [Unique Gift Ideas]

Having to deal with patients for most of their day, or rush from one ward to another in the hospital, or stay up late to study and pass their PG exams, the life of a doctor is not easy at all!

However, in this fussy routine, you can make a couple of their moments memorable. How? It’s simple, you can present your doctor with a thoughtful and memorable gift. Giving a gift to a doctor will be treasured for years to come; they will look at your gift and realize how much their care meant to you or a loved one.

If you’re confused about what to gift, you’ve come to the right place. Be it their Birthday, Doctor’s Day, or just a casual “Thank You” gift as a patient, I’ve got you covered. The guide I have prepared has unique gift items from Amazon India for your favourite doctor.

List of the Best Gifts for Doctors in India:

1. Gold Plated Ball Point Pen

Despite the digital age, most doctors still use pens quite a lot. The best choice for everyday use is a ballpoint pen. Let’s broaden the picture. There is nothing wrong with gifting a pen; only it should be extraordinary.

Pens from Parker Vector would be a great choice. The amalgamation of the gold body and the gold clip is a true symbol of chic. Just like the build is the function of this gorgeous pen. The nip runs smoothly on the paper, never letting the user down. My own experience with Parker pens has been quite positive.


2. Appreciation “Thank You” Card

An expression of gratitude in the form of a card or note is one of the most meaningful and heartfelt ways to thank someone, especially your doctor. Obviously, you cannot repay the care your doctor provided, but the time and thoughtfulness you spend sending a thank-you note will convey your appreciation.

These days, sending an email, text message, or a call seems easier and more convenient, but a thank you note goes a long way. The power of a simple thank you card is often underestimated.


3. Personalised Wooden Engraved Photo Plaque

The most sophisticated and lasting gifts are those that are personalized. The doctor or medical professional you love deserves a gift that’s personalized, just like the health care they’ve provided you or a family member.

I think a wooden engraved photo plaque with their name, photo, and a thoughtful message would make the perfect gift. According to your choice and budget, you can choose various sizes.


4. Cover Diary Embossed with “Doctor”

For a doctor that loves writing, there is nothing better than a beautifully handcrafted cardboard notebook that can also serve as a perfect daily writing journal, especially with the word “doctor” embossed on its cover.

One can experience mindfulness and happiness through keeping a journal. A personal diary can be a good outlet for frustrations and anxiety. Journaling regularly and feeding your mind with goals can help you achieve your ambitions. Just as we cannot build a house without a blueprint, our minds will not support our dreams without a realistic blueprint, agree?


5. Leather Briefcase

Getting a spacious briefcase makes perfect sense for anyone who travels frequently with their laptop, documents, and other items. It is undeniable that a briefcase is a stylish, professional way to carry your stuff.

A briefcase aids doctors in staying organized on the go by storing a laptop and keeping notebooks, chargers, and other essential items separate. Its 3 digit lock also brings it to the limelight as the chances of theft fall to zero. A long-lasting and durable briefcase is something I feel every doctor should have.


6. Coffee Maker

After a long tiring day, all a doctor needs is a fresh and frothy coffee – won’t you agree? Coffee has so many different ways of making it that each method has its own distinct taste.

Whatever the type of coffee you enjoy, making coffee that is uplifting and energizing takes effort and expertise. Here’s where coffee makers come in and save the day. A coffee maker can be a lifesaver if you don’t have time to make your own coffee.


7. Personalised Caricature Standee

It’s true; a doctor’s energy can also go down the hill. To help a doctor in retaining his energy level, you can gift them this customizable caricature standee. A tired doctor can use it to boost their spirits, and it serves as a reminder of their career.

Receiving this as a gift would also take him or her to the utmost level of pride. He’ll never forget your gesture of kindness and love.


8. Caduceus Lapel Pin

Outside the hospital, there exists another part of a doctor’s life. In that life, your gifted lapel pin can work well for him or her. Adds a little personality to a refined look!

Perfect for party evenings, weddings, and anniversaries, pinning this will add charms to their personality. A stylish outfit would not be complete without fancy accessories.


9. Ceramic Coffee Mug with Quotes

You can’t argue with the fact that choosing the perfect mug is vital for having the best coffee drinking experience. A well-made mug makes the coffee time that much more special.

Gifting your medical professional a “Thank you” quoted mug will surely them feel special and respected.


10. Leather Wallet

Despite the ever-changing world, leather’s fashion never goes out of style. It’s no surprise that leather continues to be a top choice for wallets. Wallets with multiple compartments are convenient, and carrying more than one card is no longer a hassle. Also, great durability is a cherry on top.

Doctors deserve classy things. And, why not? They’ve reached their position after a long struggle. To pay tribute to your medical expert, you can opt for a brown leather wallet.


11. Leather Portfolio

A doctor, when in a rush, expects things piled up in a single place. With a leather portfolio bag, it has turned way easier. It has multiple compartments to hold certificates, documents, cards, calculator, a transparent area for ID cards, a slot for pens, and acts as a paper stacker at the same time. If caught in a drizzle, your doctor’s accessories will still be safe as the folder is water-resistant.


12. Vacuum Insulated Travel Mug

Often, a doctor’s morning coffee will not be finished peacefully before he or she races to the hospital. On a cold winter morning, no one wants a cup of coffee that is of room temperature.

Because disposable cups are wasteful and regular mugs aren’t practical to take with you, a travel coffee mug will keep your beverage at the perfect temperature while you’re on the go. No matter how long ago you made it, it will still be hot or cold. Let no situation come between you and your coffee!


13. Desk Organizer and Business Card Holder

Next on our list of gift ideas for doctors is a desk organizer with business card holding stand. A wooden desk organizer would be a perfect artifact to organize your doctor’s accessories beautifully at their workplace.

The services of a doctor are not meant to be limited to a few. People always want to know where and how to find you, so they often request a business card. Your doctor deserves a good business card holder, so you might want to consider gifting them one.


Are we done with the best gift ideas? Yes, we are.

Go get your hands on one of the above gifts for your amazing doctor!

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