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10 Best Gifts for Medical Students in India [Practical & Useful]

gift ideas for medical students

Are you clueless about gift ideas for a medical student? Being a medical student myself, I have enlisted few of the best useful gifts from Amazon below! In addition to providing them with much-needed help and making their day, these gifts also express your concern towards them.

If you have observed medical students closely, you might have seen them juggling with things. They sometimes skip sleeping to study for exams, and at times, neglect their meals in the process. You may have noticed these struggles in their life, so why not gift them something they deserve?

Be it their birthday, or just a casual gift if they’re getting started with med school, your hard working medical student deserves to have something special to get through college!

What are the best gifts to give a medical student?

1. Stethoscope

A stethoscope is a usual buy for a medical student. However, one with exceptional capabilities and high intensity is never easy to beat – just like Littman’s stethoscope.

Arriving with 5 years of claiming warranty, tunable diaphragm, versatile chest piece, and soft ear tips, this stethoscope is going to add tremendous value by the time a medical student transitions into a practising physician. I really wish I had one!

2. Fountain Pen

Stationery is one of my favorite things and I spend a lot of money on pens of all types. Personally, I prefer fountain pens because they don’t require me to purchase refills regularly. It takes less than a minute to fill the fountain pen with ink!

Do you want your loved one to remember you every time he or she assembles his notes? Gift him or her a Parker Vector fountain pen. Fascination, style, and ease of use – all come with this pen. While the premium gold color contacts everyone’s eye, the tip helps the writer jot down the details in a minute.

3. Bluetooth Earphones

Some people appreciate music while studying, others like music while working out, and sometimes they need to drown out the rest of the noise so they can concentrate. A medical student also deserves a fraction of relaxation time. Quality Bluetooth earphones can be a great asset during medical school, regardless of the reason.

There are some great options like the OnePlus Bullets and the Samsung Buds Plus that are great for making their life more fun. Featuring a sweat-free build, seamless Bluetooth connection, and noise-cancelling capabilities, this gift is sure to please the birthday boy or girl.

4. Powerbank

There’s no doubt that powerbanks are making our lives easier.

Using a power bank allows the smartphone to be used without having to worry about its battery. Now one can travel without worrying about charging point or their phone’s battery. Medical students who stay in hostels where power outages are common will love this.

Lightweight, portable, and super-fast charging are the abilities of the new MI portable charger. It has 12 layered chip protection that ultimately guards the phone against overheating or other consequences. So, why don’t you consider it for gifting? Keep in touch with the medical student at all times!

5. Portable Coffee Maker

Coffee is an essential in med school. With caffeine, you will be more alert and less fatigued, allowing for better learning and understanding.

Portable coffee maker serves best to a busy coffee enthusiast. On the days your medical student has to wake up early for college or gets assigned a night duty as an intern, this gift can be a reliable energy source. It has a detachable cup, is easy to clean, load, and extract, keeping the user away from hassles.

6. Stainless Steel Coffee Mug with Lid

You can pair the previously mentioned coffee maker with this mug if you want more than one gift for your medical learner. This BPA free, sweat-free, dual insulation technology design does wonder all at one time. Providing sufficient grip and preventing leaks, it is, of course, a user-friendly product and a fine birthday gift. The study table is now free of coffee stains!

7. Skin Care Gift Kit

I think skin care is very important. Medical students should try not to look dull – even on their most challenging days. I’ve found one of the best skin-nourishing package with a face wash, mask, and two scrub bottles. This unisex product is perfect for normal to oily skin, removing blackheads, and most importantly, restoring the glow. Glow while you grow!

8. Backpack with Rain Cover, Anti-Theft Locker

A thoughtful gift for a medical student can be a great quality backpack. This bag can be used to carry a laptop, lunch box, documents, pens, and whatever else the student doctor needs. Furthermore, it comes with a USB port and rain cover, so the situation stays convenient all the time. Don’t forget; it has adjustable and padded straps and a notable warranty of 3 years.

9. Smartwatch

With a smartwatch, medical students can stay connected to the world without having to take out their smartphones every ten seconds. One can immediately answer phone calls, view important texts, emails, whatsapp messages, and more with just a flick of the wrist.

That’s not the only use of smartwatches. Additionally, step counting, distance tracking, sleep monitoring, and heart rate monitoring can help improve their fitness and their health.

10. Juicer Mixer Grinder

A healthy diet is important and if you don’t have the time to eat or drink right, you should consider incorporating juices and smoothies into your diet. Making juice or smoothies is simple and fast with a mixer grinder and juicer.

Medical students rarely have the time to sit down and enjoy a meal. And when they do, often it’s snacks or fast food in the canteen. Juicers and mixer grinders allow them to make healthy smoothies and fresh fruit and veggie juices so they can consume all the vitamins and minerals they need on the go!

Why are you still here? Order one of the above appealing gifts you think could serve your future doctor the best!

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