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Biology NEET 2021: Most Important Chapters [Chapter Wise Weightage]

neet biology important chapters

If you want to score good marks in the biology section of NEET 2021, it is necessary to know what chapters are important for the exam and to know what weightage each chapter carries.

As soon as you know which chapters are important, you can dedicate more time to them.

Do or die chapters in biology indicate which chapters need more concentration to be studied and, therefore, hold more weight in the NEET examination.

For those seeking admission to MBBS and BDS, the NTA is responsible for organizing the NEET UG exam. The NTA will also set the pattern for NEET. In order to understand the structure of the NEET exam paper, it is advisable for candidates to go through the exam pattern completely.

Biology is the most important section of the NEET Exam because it is a medical entrance exam. Both zoology and botany are included in the question paper.

The following table summarizes the questions that appeared in the biology part in each of the 16 previous AIPMT/NEET exams completed between 2008 and 2020 because it is crucial to analyze the past year’s trends.

In this way, you will be able to get an idea of the pattern of questions that have been asked from various topics. It is crucial to have knowledge of important topics in zoology and botany as this will strengthen the preparation for the test.

Most Important Chapters in NEET Chemistry [Zoology]:

Animal Kingdom

Topic NameNumber of Questions
Phylum Arthropoda10
Study of Aves and Mammals 9
Phylum Annelida8
Phylum Ctenophora and Platyhelminthes8
Comparative study of Cartilagenous and Bony Fishes6
Phylum Coelenterata6
General Intro of Vertibrates and Agnatha5
Phylum Aschelminthes5
Phylum Mollusca5
Phylum Porifera3
Study of Amphibians3
Phylum Chordata2
Basis of Classification1
Phylum Hemichordata1
Study of Reptilia1
Total number of questions

Structural Organisation in Animals

Topic NameNumber of Questions
Cockroach: Intro and External Morphology5
Simple Epithelium5
Cardiac Muscle and Smooth Muscle4
Connective Tissue4
Glandular Epithelium and Cell Junction4
Cockroach: Head and Mouth Parts3
Compound and specialised Epithelium3
Cockroach : Excretory System2
Cockroach : Digestive system1
Cockroach : Female Reproductive System1
Cockroach : Structure of Thorax1
Cockroach : Male Reproductive System1
Nervous Tissue1
Cockroach: Respiratory System0
Total number of questions35


Topic NameNumber of Questions
Enzyme Inhibition: Introduction4
Enzyme Cofactors4
Carbohydrates: Cellulose, Chitin, Inulin and Agar3
Mechanism of Enzymes3
Different Amino Acids2
Lipids: Fatty Acids2
Amino Acids1
Carbohydrates: Introduction1
Carbohydrates: Starch and Glycogen1
Element Analysis1
Enzyme Classification1
Lipids: Glycerolipids, Phospholipids and Glycerol1
Properties of Enzymes1
Secondary Metabolites1
Structural Organisation1
Double Helix Watson and Crick4
Total number of questions42

Digestion and Absorption

Topic NameNumber of Questions
Gastric Secretions11
Alimentary Canal : Oral Cavity and Teeth3
Histology of Gut3
Intestinal Secretions3
Pancreatic Secretions2
Protein Energy Malnutrition 2
Absorption: General Adaptations1
Movement of Food in Gut1
Peristalsis: Gland in Alimentary Canal1
Total number of questions31

Breathing and Exchange of Gases

Topic NameNumber of Questions
Respiratory system: Transport of Gases12
Respiratory Disorders7
Respiratory system: Pulmonary Volumes and Capacities6
Respiratory system: Pulmonary Ventilation4
Respiratory system: Exchange of Gases3
Respiratory system: Trachea and Basic Anatomy of Lung2
Total number of questions34

Body Fluids and Circulation

Topic NameNumber of Questions
Blood: General Description and RBC13
Human Heart: Double Circulation9
Blood: Blood Group (A,B,O)7
ECG and Coronary Artery Disease4
Human Heart: Cardiac Cycle4
Blood: Blood Clotting3
Rhythmic Excitation of Human Heart3
Atherosclerosis, Hypertension and Ventricular Fibrillation2
Blood: White Blood Cells2
Blood; Blood Group1
Human Heart: Gross Anatomy1
Regulation of Cardiac Activity1
Total number of questions51

Excretory Products and their Elimination

Topic NameNumber of Questions
Autoregulation of GFR8
Formation of Urine6
Nitrogenous Excretory Products6
CRF and Haemodialysis3
Human Kidney: Functions3
Concentration of Urine2
Formation of Urine: Ultrafiltration2
Micturition Reflex2
Human Kidney: Location and Cut Section1
Total number of questions34

Locomotion and Movement

Topic NameNumber of Questions
Sternum and Ribs5
Synovial Joint5
Disorders of Muscular and Skeletal System3
Muscle Contraction: Other Considerations3
Appendicular Skeleton: Girdle2
Fibrous and Cartilaginous Joints2
Sliding Filament Theory2
Excitation Contraction Coupling1
Skeletal Muscle: Myofilaments1
Skeletal Muscle: Sarcomere1
Total number of questions25

Neural Control and Coordination

Topic Name Number of Questions
Basic Anatomy of Human Eye9
Synapse 6
Human Eye: Adaptation5
Nervous System5
Autonomic Nervous System3
Inner Ear: Vestibular Apparatus3
Hind and Mid Brain2
Origin of Resting Membrane Potential2
Outer and Middle Ear2
Action Potential1
Cerebrum, EEG and Sleep1
Human Eye: Accommodation1
Inner Ear; Cochlea1
Motor Functions of Spinal Cord1
Smell and Taste1
Total number of questions48

Chemical Coordination and Integration

Topic Name Number of Questions
Adrenal Medulla6
Mechanism of Hormone Action6
Prolactin and Posterior Pituitary6
Thyroid Gland6
Gonadotropin and Gonadol hormones5
Adenohypophysics and Hypothalamus4
Human Growth Hormone3
Pituitary and Hypothalamus3
Adrenal Cortex: Cortisol2
Pineal gland2
Hormones General Consideration1
Misc. Hormones1
Total number of questions53

Human Reproduction

Topic NameNumber of Questions
fetal Development and Parturition7
Menstrual Cycle: Luteal Phase7
Seminiferous Tubules and Spermatogenesis7
Introduction to Menstrual Cycle6
Embryonic Development Till Gastrulation5
Male Reproductive Duct System5
Spermiogensis/Sperm Structure/Hormonal Regulation5
Male Reproductive System4
Basic Anatomy of Testis1
Female Reproductive System1
Semen and Male Fertility1
Total number of questions64

Reproductive Health

Topic Name Number of Questions
Hormonal Contraceptives, Emergency Contraception and Terminal Methods9
Contraception: Barrier Methods and IUDs7
Sexually Transmitted Infections6
Contraception: Natural Methods3
Medical Termination of Pregnancy2
Total number of questions38


Topic NameNumber of Questions
Concept of Oraganic Evolution: Evidence14
Types of natural selection6
Definition and Types of Evolution5
Evolution Prior to Ape man5
Hardy Weinberg Law5
Darwin’s Theory4
Origin of Life: Chemmical Evolution4
Theory of Evolution and Lamarckism4
Concept of isolation2
Concept of speciation2
Differenece between drift and selection2
Evolution of Homo sapiens2
Hugo de Vries theory of evolution2
Urey and Miller experiment2
Additional theories of Darwin’s1
Embryological Evidence of Evolution1
Genetic Basis of adaptation1
Introduction to human evolution1
Other theories of origin of life1
Palentological Evidences of Evolution1
Population Genetics1
Sources of Variation1
Total number of questions67

Human Health and Disease

Topic NameNumber of Questions
Details of immunity12
Allergies and Autoimmunity8
Drugs and Alcohol abuse8
Human Immune system7
Active and Passive immunity4
Treatment and Life cycle of Malaria3
Typhoid Fever3
Ascariasis and Filariasis2
Common cold and Malaria introduction2
Pneumonia and Related questions2
Fungal infection and concept of immunity1
Total number of questions67

Biotechnology Principles and Processes

Topic Name Questions of Numbers
Tools: Enzymes12
Tools: Vectors10
Process of biotech6
Polymerase Chain Reaction: PCR5
Restriction enzymes – Main enzymes5
Sepration and isolation of DNA fragments5
Selectable Markers4
Large Scale Production3
Transforming Plant and Animal cell2
Bioreactors/Downstream processing1
Host and Desired DNA1
Intro and History1
Obtaining a copy of gene from donor DNA1
Total number of questions56

Biotechnology and its Applications

Topic NameNumber of Questions
Bt crops11
Interference RNA tech7
Other GM crops6
Ethical issues5
Med applications and Humulin5
Intro to Agri Applications4
Gene therapy3
Transgenic Microbes and Animals3
Molecular Diagnosis1
Total number of questions45

Most Important Chapters in NEET Chemistry [Botany]:

The Living World

Topic NameNumber of Questions
Taxonomical Aids4
Metabolism and Consciousness as Criterion for Being Living2
Introduction and Growth as Criterion for Being Living1
Reproduction as Criterion for Being Living 1
Total number of questions18

Biological Classification

Topic NameNumber of Questions
Kingdom Monera: Bacterial Classification15
Virus, Viroids and Prions14
Kingdom Fungi: Introduction7
Kingdom Monera: Introduction6
Kingdom Monera: Surface Appendages5
Different Classification System4
Kingdom Fungi: Ascomycetes4
Kingdom Fungi: Basidiomycetes4
Kingdom Fungi: Zygomycetes4
Kingdom Monera: Bacterial Cell Structure4
Kingdom Monera: Blue Green Algae4
Kingdom Monera: Actinomycetes, Mycoplasma4
Kingdom Protista: Chrysophytes4
Kingdom Protista: Introductions3
Kingdom Protista: Slime Moulds2
Kingdom Fungi: Deuteromycetes1
Kingdom Monera: Bacterial Life Process1
Total number of questions90

Plant Kingdom

Topic NameNumber of Questions
Examples of Gymnosperms5
Pteridophytes: Heterospory5
General Account of Angiosperms4
Life Cycle Patterns in Plants4
Pheophyceae:Brown Algae4
Classification System3
Bryophytes (Liveworts)2
Chlorophyceae: Green Algae2
Classification of Pteridophytes3
Rhodophyceae: Red Algae and Importance of Algae2
Total number of questions58

Morphology of Flowering Plants

Topic NameNumber of Questions
Flower and Parts of Flower32
Fruit and its Types18
Morphology of Stems10
Families of Flowering Plant8
Modification of Roots3
Morphology of Roots3
Semi Technical Description3
Venation, Types of Leaf and Phyllotaxy2
Modification of Leaf1
Total number of questions91

Anatomy of Flowering Plants

Topic NameNumber of Questions
Anatomy of Root9
Activity of Cork Cambium7
Epidermal Tissue System5
Activity of Vascular Cambium4
Complex Tissue: Xylem4
Monocot Stem4
Complex Tissue: Phloem3
Meristematic Tissue: Classification3
Monocot Leaf3
Types of Wood3
Vascular Tissue System2
Activity of secondary xylem1
Dicot Stem1
Secondary Growth in Root1
Total number of questions50

Cell – The Unit of Life

Topic NameNumber of Questions
Nucleus: Chromosomes6
Cell Membranes5
Cell Wall5
Golgi Apparatus4
Intro to Endomembrane System: Endoplasmic Reticulum4
Cilia and Flagella3
Details of Prokaryotic Cell Structure3
Prokaryotic Cell Organisation3
Endomembrane System (Endoplasmic Reticulum)2
Endomembrane System (Lysosomes)2
Eukaryotic Cell Organelle2
Cell Theory1
Evidence for Fluidic Nature of Membrane1
Total number of questions81

Cell Cycle and Cell Division

Topic NameNumber of Questions
Cell Cycle: Meiosis17
Intro to Cell Cycle and Interphase14
Cell Division: Mitosis (Karyokinesis)8
Total number of questions39

Transport in Plants

Topic NameNumber of Questions
Transpiration and Guttation4
Phloem Translocation2
Phloem Translocation: Short Distance Transport2
Ascent of Sap1
Means of Transport: Active1
Plant water relations: Water Potential1
Total number of questions20

Mineral Nutrition

Topic NameNumber of Questions
Nitrogen Fixation12
Mineral Function11
Classification of Nutrients4
Mineral deficiency and Toxicity3
Nitrogen metabolism2
Ammonia Assimilation and Nitrogen Export1
Criteria for Essentiality of Elements1
Nodule formation1
Total number of questions35

Photosynthesis in Higher Plants

Topic NameNumber of Questions
C4 Cycle (Hatch and Slack Pathway)6
Light Reaction: Photophosphorylation4
Dark Reaction: Calvin Cycle3
Chloroplast Structure2
Historical View: Experiments2
Light Reactions2
Photosynthetic Pigments2
C4 Plants Examples1
CAM Pathway1
Emerson’s Enhancement Experiment1
Factors Affecting Photosynthesis1
Light Reaction: Electron Transport3
Total number of questions34

Respiration in Plants

Topic NameNumber of Questions
Aerobic Respiration5
Kreb’s Cycle4
Amphibolic Nature of Respiration2
Oxidative Phosphorylation2
Respiratory Quotient1
Total number of questions21

Plant Growth and Development

Topic NameNumber of Questions
Growth Hormones and Auxin12
Auxin Function3
Seed germination3
Abscisic Acid2
Growth Model2
Growth Terminology1
Total number of questions35

Reproduction in Organisms

Topic NameNumber of Questions
Asexual Reproduction6
Sexual Reproduction6
Events during Sexual Reproduction4
Tissue Culture1
Total number of questions17

Sexual Reproduction in Flowering Plants

Topic NameNumber of Questions
Pollination and Outbreeding Devices22
Pistil: Female Gametophyte10
Stamen: Male Gametophyte7
Apomixis and Polyembryony4
Pistil: Ovule3
Stamen: Anther3
Double Fertilization2
Stamen: Microsporangium2
Post Pollination Events1
Total number of questions74

Principles of Inheritance and Variation

Topic NameNumber of Questions
Dominance Devistion from Mendel14
Monohybrid Cross8
Introduction to Genetics7
Sex Linked Inheritence6
Dihybrid Cross4
Pedigree Analysis4
polygenic Inheritence – Pleiotropy4
Sex Determination4
Chromosomal Basis of Inheritence3
Law – of – Segregation2
Recombination Gene Mapping 2
Total number of questions79

Molecular Basis of Inheritance

Topic NameNumber of Questions
DNA Double Helix10
Genetic Code9
DNA Replication8
Gene Regulation : Lac Operon7
The DNA7
DNA Fingerprinting6
Human Genome Project4
Search for Genetic Material3
DNA Packaging2
Gene Regulation in Eukaryotes2
DNA vs RNA as Genetic Material1
Total number of questions92

Strategies for Enhancement in Food Production

Topic NameNumber of Questions
Plant Tissue Culture11
Animal Husbandry9
Breeding for Disease Resistance8
Plant Breeding and Its Steps5
Plant Breeding for Quality4
Impact: Green Revolution1
Single Cell Protein1
Total number of questions39

Microbes in Human Welfare

Topic NameNumber of Questions
Chemicals, Enzymes and Other Bioactive Molecules14
Microbes in Sewage Treatment12
Microbes in Biocontrol Agent10
Microbes as Biofertilizer8
Chemistry of Fermented Beverages5
Industrial Products, Beverages and Antibiotics4
Microbes in Househols Products2
Microbes in Production of Biogas1
Total number of questions56

Organisms and Populations

Topic NameNumber of Questions
Population Interactions: Competition10
Introduction to Ecology5
Population Characters: Age Structure and Migration4
Population Dynamic4
Population Interactions: Commensalism, Protocooperation and Mutualism4
Population Characters: Density3
Population: Logistic Growth Model3
Population Interactions: Parasitism2
Population Interactions: Predation2
Population: Exponential Growth Model2
Response of Organisms to Abiotic Factors2
Life History Variations1
Population Characters: Natality and Mortality1
Population Interaction: Amensalism1
Total number of questions46


Topic NameNumber of Questions
Ecological Pyramids9
Mineral Cycling and Ecosystem Services8
Ecosystem Productivity6
Energy Flow6
Components and Types of Ecosystem5
Community Dynamic4
Total number of questions49

Biodiversity and Conservation

Topic NameNumber of Questions
In Situ Conservation of Biodiversity13
Ex Situ Conservation of Biodiversity9
Loss of Biodiversity9
Magnitude of Biodiversity9
Biodiversity Patters5
Introduction to Types3
Importance of Biodiversity1
Total number of questions49

Environmental Issues

Topic NameNumber of Questions
Water Pollution17
Ozone Layer Depletion13
Air Pollution11
Improper Resource Utilisation and Maintenance8
Green House Effect and Global Warming6
Solid Waste Pollution3
Agrochemical and Radioactive waste2
Introduction to Pollution and Types2
Total number of questions62

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